a bottle of Boothstown Gooseberry and a Gooseberry Pie cocktail in a glass
A Boothstown Gooseberry Gin and tonic in a glass next to a bottle of Boothstown Gooseberry gin


Boothstown Gin – inspired by Joseph Evans (1803-1874).

A famous Botanist and herbalist from Boothstown, highly revered by the local community. He practiced his science and held open surgeries for all comers in public houses around the area.

As a herbal doctor he prescribed botanical & plant based remedies. He was particularly interested in gooseberries, rich in antioxidants and known for many health benefits. Dr Evan’s developed his gin with good medical intentions & regularly prescribed it to his patient’s along with instructions to “Drink & Sing into the night, in order to restore red cheeks and smiles” Boothstown gin is distilled in our own pot still to a traditional recipe, much like the one Dr Evan’s would have used.

We whole heartedly suggest that it is imbibed to restore red cheeks & Smile. If you can hold a tune, we’ll happily endorse the singing as well!

A Boothstown Passionfruit Gin and tonic in a glass next to a bottle of Boothstown Passionfruit gin
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